Friday, October 24, 2014

Copycat Orange Julius Recipe

Happy Friday!  Here is a recipe for you to try over the weekend...

Sometimes we like to have breakfast for dinner on busy weeknights, and along with whatever we're having I like to add some type of fruit...pancakes and veggies just don't cut it.  My girls get tired of orange slices, grapes and sliced apples.  I found this recipe online a long time ago and for the life of me I can't find the link!  Sorry.

I like that the bananas add sweetness instead of sugar, and because they are frozen the drink is cold.  I make this in my Vita-Mix, but any blender will do.  It's really thick and frothy and does taste like an Orange Julius!  My girls loved it the first time I made it, so now it's a keeper in the recipe file.  Try it and let me know what you think.

Copycat Orange Julius
About 5 cups

6oz. frozen orange juice concentrate (1/2 of can)
1 peeled banana, frozen
1 1/2c. milk
1 tsp. vanilla

Add it all to your blender and blend until creamy and frothy!  Enjoy!

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  1. This is the THIRD time I am writing my comment...I don't know what's wrong with Google. I was saying that in New York I used to drink frozen orange juice concentrate all the time but here they don't sell it, so I will just use a frozen banana and fresh orange juice. It looks really delicious, I never thought of adding banana to orange juice.

  2. Yum yum yum! I am going to have to try this one! I love Orange Julius!

  3. I love orange julius's and this seems pretty easy! I'm excited to try it.

    - Sarah :)


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