Thursday, October 2, 2014

Breast Cancer Awareness Month and How I'm Celebrating

It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month!!  As many of you know I had breast cancer.  I now can say that I HAD breast cancer, because to me it's gone!

I may be flat-chested (from my bilateral mastectomy in April) and bald (from my four rounds of chemo this summer) and put permanently in menopause (because of an oophorectomy less than two weeks ago, and the Tamoxifen I will take daily for the next 10+ years) but I am ALIVE!  I am so grateful for all that I have!  I feel truly blessed and have chosen to slow down a bit and savor every moment in life.  I worry less about what I look like and how clean my house is when friends come over, and more about how I love and help others.

I hope and pray that none of you are ever diagnosed with cancer.  Life on this earth is very short, so find something good in every day and be grateful for it all.  Hang with friends that build you up and make you feel good about yourself!  Enjoy life, because each day is truly a gift!  Celebrate life!

To show my support and hope for one day finding a cure for breast cancer, every day this month I will be wearing one or both of these pieces of jewelry.  The necklace was made by my sister-in-law, and the bracelet was a gift from my sister.  I will wear them proud this month and always!  See if you can spot them in my posts this month. :)

You can read more about my journey here, here and here.


  1. Poor you.. I´m so sorry that you had this terrible disease. I do not know anyone personally who has this disease or just had. I try to offer my support if necessary. You never know if you will not get it tomorrow and then you can be glad for any help and any understanding. Here in Germany you get any time you want free health checks and this privilege I use.
    Thank you very much for your lovely comment on my blog, I was very pleased :)

    have a wonderful weekend

    1. Thank you my sweet German friend! :) I am living proof that breast cancer can affect anyone. I had no family history, was very healthy, exercised daily, ate right, did all the right things. I'm glad you use your free health checks...very important. Take care and enjoy your weekend!


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