Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Many Ways To Wear Button-ups

Button-ups.  I love button-ups!  As you can see, I have several in my closet.  From basic white to chambray to striped, and even gingham.  The main reason I love button-ups is that they can be worn several different ways.  Worn alone, they can be belted, tied at the waist, or tucked in.  Belt it, tie it, tuck it!  Repeat...belt it, tie it, tuck it.  Clap!

Here, I've worn the button-up as a tunic and BELTed IT with skinny jeans and with a skirt.  This gives you a more dressed up look.

Here, I've TIEd IT at the waist with the same skinny jeans and same skirt.  This gives the outfit a more casual look.

And finally, I've TUCKED IT in to skinny jeans and in to a skirt for another dressy to casual look.

Yes, I wore the same items in each picture (just for ease of photography), but you can see that each way I wore the button-up, changed the look of the outfit. 

Button-ups can also be worn as a layer over summer dresses, camis, t-shirts, dresses...the list goes on.  They can also be worn under sleeveless dresses, denim jackets, crew neck and v-neck sweaters, cardigans, vests...again, the possibilities are endless.

What is your favorite way to wear button-ups?


  1. I have a blue and white striped button-down very similar to yours, and I've definitely found it to be incredibly versatile! Great styling tips.


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