Friday, September 19, 2014

Girls' Night Out (with my daughters)

There's one night a week that my husband works late, so my daughters and I decided to have GNO's (Girls' Night Out) on those nights.  We try to keep it inexpensive, but I know that having fun with them is what's most important.  We have our GNO every week, so I need to be creative and come up with something new each week (no pressure there!).  

Last week, we went to a convenience store to get a cappuccino to get things started.  Can you believe all the flavors they have these days?!   I had a Pumpkin Spice Latte, and my girls had Cookies & Creme and S'mores Hot Chocolate.  They are so horrible for you, but they sure taste yummy!  :)

Next, was back home for some hot games of UNO!  How can you not love this game?  Colors and numbers...pretty easy to follow along.  We played several games.  They like to laugh at me when there is a SKIP or a REVERSE card, because it just confuses me.  We had many laughs about this!

Who knew you could get so excited over the hand your dealt?!

Her poker face...

My hand.  Who shuffled these cards, anyway??!!

Then we watched our two favorite TV shows that night.  I love spending time with my girls and I'm so grateful that they love spending time with me!  We always have a fun time...lots of laughter!

Now I need to make plans for this week.  Any ideas for me??

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