Friday, September 5, 2014

Clever Ways to Organize

I finally figured out a new way to organize my belts, t-shirts and camis!  I hated when I'd open my drawer and all my t-shirts were folded and stacked on top of each other and I had to dig through the stack to find the one I wanted.  Then voila!  I figured out a way to put them in my drawer so I could actually see them!  I stacked them sideways!

I decided to do this with my camis and now I can see all of them at once, too!

My daughter has a different approach to hanging camis and tank tops.  See how she did it here.  I decided I would try it that way as well.

When I decided how the shower ring idea worked out so well, I decided to hang my belts like that, too.  Perfect!

The best part is the shower rings can be bought almost anywhere.  I bought mine at a dollar store...12 rings for $1.00...can't beat that!

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