Thursday, August 28, 2014

Easy Sleeve Refashion Tutorial #2


This shirt is cute and goes great with skinny jeans, but I have never liked the sleeves.  This is what they really look like.  Not for me!  The top was also a little big so it was time to refashion!

Those buttons and placket HAD to come off.  I just used my seam ripper to remove them.

In doing so, there became a problem  Where some of the stitching was, it left some small holes.  Never fear!  Easy fix!  As I've said before, there is no wrong way to refashion.  No one will know how you've made it fabulous unless you tell!

I needed to sew up the top of the sleeves instead of underneath, but this also helped the top part to be less baggy.  I just pinned where I wanted to sew, about 1-1/2" in.

I sewed along the pin line...

...and then trimmed the excess.  The great part about knits is that they don't fray, so you don't need to finish the edges.

Those sleeves look so much better and the neckline isn't as low.  Love it now!


  1. Love simple, quick and very practical REfashions Stephanie. Very stylish and good instructions. Thanks for sharing the joy.

    Karen at

    1. Thanks Karen! I appreciate the kind words!


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