Monday, August 4, 2014

Coffee Grounds . . Who Knew?!

Good morning!  Have you had your coffee yet?  If so, save those coffee grounds for this!  Since I'm sharing things here that I'm learning along the way, I just had to share this little tidbit!  The other night we had fish for dinner and I put the leftovers in the refrigerator.  I covered it with plastic wrap so it wouldn't stink up the fridge, but somehow the smell was in the freezer above.  Go figure!

Anyhoo, I tried replacing my boxes of baking soda that I keep in the fridge and freezer and even 2 days later, I could still smell fish!  Ack!  Then I remembered reading somewhere a long time ago that coffee grounds help remove odors.   Now I don't remember from my reading what I was supposed to do with the grounds, so I just made up my own way.

After my morning cup pot of coffee, I put the wet, used filter with the grounds in it in a bowl and stuck it in the freezer.

By the next morning I noticed the smell was considerably less, so I added that mornings' filter with the used grounds as well.  And seriously, the smell was GONE in 2 days!

I will tell you that when I was ready to take the filter and grounds out of the bowl, they were frozen stuck!  Oops!  I just let the bowl thaw on the counter and they came right off (whew!).  Other than that minor issue, it really worked!  The smell is totally gone!

I know there are a lot of good uses for used coffee grounds, but this one I can attest to!  Have you found any other great uses for them?  Please let me know and I will share them.

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