Friday, July 18, 2014

Thrift Store Score!

I'm gonna pop some tags, only got twenty dollars in my pocket...okay, okay...but I do LOVE to go thrift shopping, and a couple of days ago I went with my two daughters.  I didn't have anything specific in mind I was looking for, but I really scored big!  I hadn't been thrift shopping in a while because where we live now, we only have a few thrift stores and they aren't the best.  I was surprised I came home with all this, but I lucked out!

I got 6 pair of shoes, 2 button-ups and 3 belts for $36.00!  Yes!  All of the shoes are leather except the sparkly sandals and the brown wedge sandals.  Gotta love that!  Look at the brands...I got them so cheap and everything looks brand new or at least close to it!

I love thrift shopping for several reasons.
  1. I love scoring a bargain!
  2. I love to help the environment by recycling/reusing.  So many clothes end up in the landfills each year because people just throw things away.  Donate! Donate! Donate!  Share the love!
  3. I love filling in my wardrobe with new pieces that I normally wouldn't pay full price for.
  4. "One man's trash IS another man's treasure".
  5. It amazes me to see what is out there.  Yes, some things are older than the hills, but there are a lot of recent fashions as well.
  6. It's fun!
Are you a thrift shopper?  Email me or comment and let my know what you've scored recently!

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