Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Simple Sleeve Refashion Tutorial #1

I have always liked this top, but it was always a little too low-cut and the Batman sleeves kind of bothered me too.  It's hard to see how low-cut it is in the picture, but trust me.  I spent some time deciding how to take it in and came up with this plan.  I normally take sleeves in from the underarm area, but that wouldn't help out in the neckline in this case.

The great thing about refashioning clothes is YOU get to decide what it will look like.  There is no wrong in refashioning.

I decided to take in the tops of the sleeves which would also help make the neckline smaller.  I pinned where I wanted to take it in.

Sew along pin line and trim excess fabric.

There you have it!  A simple sleeve refashion!  The neckline is so much better and the Batman sleeves aren't as big.

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