Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ways To Feel Pretty During Chemo

  1. PAINT YOUR NAILS. Fingernails, toenails, both...whatever tickles your fancy.  Paint them bright and flashy or a pretty, soft pastel.  Heck, paint each one a different color!  A little color makes you feel happy!
  2. WEAR MAKEUP.  The whole glam or just lip gloss.  Add some color to your face and you instantly look healthy and vibrant!
  3. PERFUME.  Spritz on your favorite scent and watch your mood change.  I have a large variety of body sprays that I wear and love!  Each day I wear a different scent!
  4. WEAR A PRETTY TOP/SCARF/EARRINGS.  Wear something that makes you feel beautiful.  Are bright colors your thing?  Wear them!  A new scarf?  Wear it!  Don't be afraid...be yourself!
  5. SMILE.  A smile can make all the difference in your attitude and outlook!

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