Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Little Bit About Me

Confession time...I started this blog as a way to keep me busy .  Unless you have checked my "ABOUT ME" page, you probably wouldn't know that I am going through breast cancer right now.  Yes, in March I was told I had breast cancer.  Yes, in April I had a double mastectomy.  And yes, right now I am going through chemo.  But wait!

Please stay with me...I'm not here to focus on my cancer AT ALL.  That is not the point of this blog.  The point is, that even though cancer is something I never thought would happen to me, I have chosen to see the POSITIVE in all of it.  Somehow this chapter in my life is making me a better and stronger person.

I was recently inspired by this model's this model's photo.   If she can rock a colostomy bag, I can certainly talk about my breast cancer adventure.  No, having breast cancer was not on my agenda but it happened and I'm cruising right along.  This is just one chapter in my WHOLE book of life.

I want to share with you all the good I am finding along the way, and by all means, if you are going through the same thing, please share with me.  I want to inspire you!  I want to show you that it's all good!

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