Thursday, June 26, 2014

T-shirt To Cute Summer Dress Refashion Tutorial

Today I am posting a great summer dress refashion. I didn't take step-by-step pictures, but I'll walk you through it.  It was a very easy refashion.

I started with a man's XL t-shirt (because I wanted the length) and cut off the sleeves at the seams and cut off the ribbing around the neck.  You can see that here.

Here is a closeup of the neckline.  I just cut the ribbing off.

I then just stitched about 1/8" around the armholes and the neckline.

Because the t-shirt was a little short in length, I went through my scrap pile and found this cute denim ruffle that I had taken off one of my daughter's dresses.  It was the perfect size to fit at the bottom of the t-shirt.  I sewed the ruffle on just under the hem of the t-shirt.

Here is a close-up.  I sewed just below the original hem seam.

To jazz the dress up a little, I made a couple of flowers out of some scrap denim and sewed them on with some spare buttons.  The flowers were the perfect finishing touch!

Throw on a pair of cute flip flops or sandals and you're ready to go out in style!


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