Monday, June 30, 2014


Pets are truly amazing!  We have a dog and two cats, all of which we adopted from shelters.

This is Benji.

Benji loves to go for his morning walks.  At the end of our street you either have to turn left or right.  EVERY day Benji chooses to turn right.  For some reason he never gets bored of this route!  He pees on the same fire hydrants and trees every day, but for him every day is a new adventure.

We walk almost the same route every morning, but Benji could care less.  He smells new things every day.  I wondered about this...why is it that Benji isn't bored of the same thing day in and day out, but as humans we are easily bored?  He sees and sniffs the SAME things, but never grows tired of it.  It makes me laugh!

Also, I can be in the basement of our house for five minutes and when I come back upstairs he's so excited to see me!  Why can't I be like this?  Dogs are funny creatures!  They truly see life differently, and in a good way! I guess I need to try and see life through a dog's eyes (in color, anyway)!

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