Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dress To Skirt Refashion Tutorial

For my first post I am going to do a refashion! I LOVE doing refashions, so you will see many here!  This was a cute sundress, but I no longer liked how it fit.

I decided to make it into a cute summer skirt.  I chopped it at the length I wanted.

Then I ironed about 1/4" down to finish the edge.

I then folded it over about 1" and ironed it down.  (I really just eyeballed this measurement.)  This will make the casing for the elastic.

Next I stitched around making the casing, leaving an opening to insert the elastic.

I used 3/8" non-roll elastic because it's what I had in my stash.  The non-roll elastic is good for waistbands.

For the elastic, most people measure around their waist and then cut it.  For some reason, that has never worked for me so I just started at one end and threaded it through and then tried it on, measured and cut.  The easiest way it to put a safety pin on one end and then thread it through your casing.

Stitch your elastic ends together, making sure they don't get twisted.  Then stitch up your opening where you threaded the elastic and stretch out the waist to even out the scrunchiness (if that's a word).

Ta da!  You're done!

I love how summery it looks!  I just paired it with a white cami, a black belt and black sandals.

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